How we work cont’d

Mandates and objectives of each Department

The following functions are in no way exhaustive but they are titbits and icons for this purpose;

DG Office

  • Chief Executive and Accounting officer of the agency
  • Overseer the activities of all the departments and units to ensure that the vision and mission of KADFAMA is achieved.
  • Liaised with the MDAs and the parent ministry of works to carry out the mandate of the State Governor.
  • Carry out all functions as may be required by HE, Board and the ministry of works.
  • Co-ordinate and stabilizes the activities of all departments and units for a cohesional flow of information and achievement of the key objectives of KADFAMA.
  • Promotion and image laundering of the agency.

Operation Department

  • The Mandate of this department is to act as the engine room of the Agency where all activities of the Agency are hatched and the modus operandi for their achievement is strategized and executed.


Operations Department are responsible for the actual facilities repairs, Planning, Designs, maintenance, renovation, remodelling, alteration, grounds maintenance and construction management of all state’s assets within and outside the state both fixed and moveable assets. The department identify, liaise and take over all state’s assets from MDA’s within and outside, amidst other functions;

  • Assess and evaluate the state and states of all the assets.
  • Developing an Energy conservation plan for the Agency (Reduce energy consumption).
  • Implementation of Energy conservation measures in all facilities and Operations.
  • Coordinate operational lead for all professionals, technicians and vendors responsible for maintaining and upgrading the building.
  • Supervisory management of the activities of the various technical site teams to ensure service delivery.
  • Operational lead and contact for all maintenance related matters for the various MDAs (Ministries, department, and Agencies) as it relates to the maintenance of their buildings.
  • Collect and collate data of existing assets register from all MDA’s /LGA;
  • Developing a centralized building control strategy to optimize building system performance.
  • Developing a commissioning program to ensure properly designed, installed and optimally operated building mechanical system.
  • Constitute a team that evaluate land as an award contracts based on executive management approval.
  • Management, coaching and mentoring of all sites personnel.
  • Coordinates follow-up and evaluate existing projects in the states;
  • Inspection, maintenance and facility managements and sourcing of facility managers;
  • Prepare contracts documents.
  • Prepare documents for inspection and auditing of assets;
  • Taking care of all electrical, mechanical and replacement of all plant, machinery and motor vehicles.
  • Maintenance planning and execution management for hard and soft services.
  • Space planning, allocation and optimization at the state owned building.
  • Supervising and monitoring of on-going projects in the state;
  • Identifying and acquiring of the assets that is not on the inventory.
  • Other function that may arise is the course of duty.

Administration, Accounts, Finance, and Human resources and IT Department

The mandate of this department is called the co-ordinating office where all the activities of the agency are centralized, processed and dispensed. It is the Central Processing Unit of the agency and it has the following among others;

  • Processing and storage of information
  • Collection and collation of administrative records
  • Administrations of all the staffing
  • Training of staff and capacity building
  • Dispensing of all monies
  • Account and accounting records
  • Computerization and networking of asset registering
  • Recruitment of staff, promotion and others
  • Human capital development of height level man power
  • Planning and regulating of yearly events
  • Co-ordinating and liaising with MDA’s in financial terms
  • Preparation of all audit and financial records
  • Verification and procurement of needed working tools
  • Procurement of all office supplies, office equipment and other stationeries as well as awarding of necessary contract
  • Acquisition and installation of IT equipment
  • Control and updating of asset register
  • Support the Board, senior management and other managers across the agency to meet objectives.

Enforcement, Monitoring, Compliance and Quality control

The mandate of the department is to be the conscience, police and ensuring of law and order in the agency by gauging the activities of the agency to ensure quality, control, standards and compliance to specifications as required by law and stipulated by the agency. They are just part of the key functions and are in no way exhaustive at this stage;

  • Acquisition of topographic map of all state government landed properties;
  • Identification and taking over of state government properties;
  • Engaging of quality and health safety control consultants and experts;
  • Determining of standards and enforcement of standard in terms of quality and specifications;
  • Updating of the values component asset register;
  • Structural survey and structural report of all state government properties and assets;
  • Ascertaining of the state of repairs, condition and quality of movable and fixed assets;
  • Preparation of schedule of dilapidation (interior and final stage)
  • Preparation and enforcement of lease and contract documents;
  • Evaluation and assessment of on-going projects to ensure that quality is not compromised;
  • Preparation of International Asset Management Register Template;
  • Evaluating and monitoring of any work in progress; valuation of the progress of work and the giving of final approval before taking over;
  • Taking over of assets as well as ascertaining those for mergers and disposals;
  • Overall assessment of materials procured and ensuring that quality of the items is in accordance to the specifications given;
  • Decision making options on what assets should be retained or disposed on Cost-Benefit-Analysis.
  • Project monitoring and assessment of sites under construction;
  • Liaising and enlightening consultants on the need to comply with quality and standards;
  • Setting punitive measures defaults and failure to comply qualitative jobs and executing job orders on time;
  • Organising and securing of police officers to enhance the task force to avoid the breaking of law and order;
  • Organising for the security staff and personnel in the execution of their official duties with necessary security back-ups;
  • Oversight functions and deciphering of information as well as communicating to the right source for necessary action and execution;
  • Planning and control of existing and future projects;
  • Manage team that carry out compliance monitoring activities on public buildings and projects.
  • Other functions that may arise.